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About me

Who am I?

I'm an independent sustainability consultant and B Leader specialising in B Corp support and impact strategy and reporting. I love brands with impact and most of all, I enjoy working with the people behind those brands. Sometimes my role is project manager, sometimes advisor, sometimes coach, but always supporter!

A little bit about my background: I'm Irish, and German, but have been living near Manchester for about 15 years now. My education was focused on Maths and Statistics which suits this line of work well since it involves a lot of data. Before diving into a career in sustainability consulting, I spent over a decade in the hospitality industry. My experiences there have kept me grounded and always thinking of practical implementation of strategies, client experience and how to keep the bus going during times of pressure.

What do I do and how do I do it?

Over the past 4 years I have directly worked on impact projects for companies across many fields: cosmetics, tech, legal, private equity, solar energy, axe throwing and even peanut butter (to name a few). In 2023, I decided to branch out on my own so that I can scale back the volume of my projects and really focus on fine-tuning the experience I can offer.  My greatest joy in this role is seeing project managers, marketers, people managers and others become amazing sustainability leaders!

When it comes to supporting businesses, my goal is to equip the team with the right tools and knowledge so that they can carry on the work feeling confident that internal sustainability skills are growing


Although I'm presenting myself as a one woman band, I am not always working alone. Sometimes I freelance with another team, for some projects I bring in a trusted friend (or superstar idol)...this keeps things interesting and fun. It also means that we can get aces in places

What am I passionate about?

I'm on a mission to help businesses reduce negative impacts, seize opportunities for positive change, and enjoy the journey. And I believe that's what they have to do to stay relevant.

As well as that I am fired up about equity and women's empowerment! I volunteer with the Diverse Sustainability Initiative to make this field I work in more diverse. 

If you are wondering whether I have a cheesy vision statement...hell yes! Here it is




I see a future where a company's success is measured by how minimally it takes away and how plentifully it gives

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