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Available Services

B Corp Support

Whether you are starting from scratch or in the thick of verification, I can help set you up for B Corp success. All projects are bespoke to your needs, but a typical B Corp package includes:


•Action plan to submission

•Implementation support the whole way through

•Verification support

B Leader Support

We won't get to where we need to go alone, we have to work together! I offer on demand support and coaching for B Leaders, B Corp Managers and Consultants as well as bitesized training sessions on ticky subjects such as IBMs, materiality assessments, verification and more

If you have a question for me and want a chat, book here


A fancy name for sustainability prioritisation, materiality assessments can help your company prioritise the issues you need to tackle based on the needs of your stakeholders, risk level and the regulatory landscape. This can then be used to update your strategy or build your sustainability strategy from the ground up

Sustainability Strategy

Regardless of what framework you are using, it is important to prepare your sustainability strategy so that you can plan what to resource, measure your success and communicate effectively. Together we can shape your strategy and present it in a clear and concise overview

Impact Reporting

Whether you are a B Corp, you are reporting to your investors or you are using a third party framework for transparency, I can help you prepare and structure your impact report. Armed with best practice guidance, together we will reduce the risks of greenwashing and communicate authentically to your audience


Sustainability training for your whole team. These sessions are great for upskilling and cultural change

Topics include:

B Corp

Planetary Boundaries

Impact Reporting



•Climate change

•Supplier engagement


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