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Don't just hire a B Corp Professional...

Become the B Corp Professional

Graphic showing elements of B Corp Verification

B Corp Professional Development Programme

Elevate your sustainability skill set. This 3-day programme will teach you the foundations of B Corp certification, how to project manage a company through certification successfully and prepare for the upcoming changes to the B Corp standards (and that's not all!).

Why sign up?

Embark on your B Corp journey with confidence. Equipped with best practice advice and a connection to professionals on the same journey

Reduce your reliance on external professionals (like me). Investing in your skill set with this course will cost the same as 1-2 days of consulting but deliver so much more value in the long-run

Build skills that can be transferred to other certifications and sustainability management systems

Who is this programme for?

This programme is ideal for a professionals involved in the B Corp process. Whether you are a Head of Sustainability, Sustainability Manager, Project Manager or someone who is developing their sustainability skills to support the business in a new way, this course will be valuable for you. The content is designed to support all experience levels.

Programme Outline

Day 1

  • Get to know each other

  • Intro to B Corp and the certification process

  • Key definitions

  • Learn about how to set up the B Impact Assessment including scoping and complex structures

  • Navigating the B Impact Assessment

  • Intro to Impact Business Models and Industry Specific Addenda 

  • Deep Dive into individual Impact Business Models

Day 2

  • B Corp project managment overview

  • Project management software

  • Assigning responsibilties

  • Policy drafting tips

  • Where to start and how to set timelines

  • How to get buy-in

  • What to expect during verification

  • B Lab's role

  • Evidence gathering tips

Day 3

  • Adapting your project management for verification

  • Overview of the standards update (Version 7)

  • Benefits of the new standards

  • Key call outs

  • Engaging in the B Corp community before and after certification

  • What comes after certification

Time commitment

To get the most out of this programme, you should set aside time for all three days. To cater to those who will have other responsibilities, the interactive sessions are split over two weeks with time at the beginning and end of the work day to check emails, pick up kids and water the plants. Please reach out below to find out more about the flexible attendance options.

Practical and Interactive Learning

One of the core aspects of the programme will be a chance to try out new skills learned each day, receiving and providing feedback in a group setting. This is the most practical way to troubleshoot and discuss as many topics as possible. 


Dates and Times

Course Pricing

This is an online course which will be delivered live via Google Meet 

This course will take place over the following dates:

Wed 24 April  10:00-15:00

Mon 29 April  10:00-15:00

Wed 1 May     10:00-15:00

Early Bird - Expired

Regular - £850

Equity Pricing - £600*

~Limited spaces available~

*Equity pricing for companies with underrepresented ownership


There are two payment options:

Total fee paid in one payment (one invoice)

Fee spread over three equal payments (three invoices)


Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in B Corp certification and verification process by proposing ways of breaking down the B Corp framework into manageable sections that suits your business model and goals. 🚀

Joy Stevenson, B Corp Manager @ MPM Products


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